28 March 2017

Arunachala Samudra Upgrade

Arunachala Samudra website is currently undergoing reformatting and recoding to make the website accessible to all internet devices. All of the many pages of the website have to be individually upgraded, including the numerous photo galleries, audios and videos—this takes time and is the reason for the current erratic display of the website. 

Taking this opportunity to include 3 new sections on the reformatted Website, that will be populated over the coming months. The three new sections are entitled: Arunachala, Lord Siva and Albums. Next week new material will be uploaded onto the site including a large and comprehensive section on Parvathamalai, information on the Dasa Lingams on Arunachala girivalam roadway and a fascinating narrative with photographs of the great Isakki Swamigal of Panchamukham Darshanam. 

Will gives updates on the progress of the Website upgrade. 

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