11 June 2017

Hearty Paws Pet Clinic Tiruvannamalai

I am a supporter of the great work the Animal Shelter at Tiruvannamalai has done and continues to do in this community. But as the number of residents with pets grows exponentially, so too is a corresponding demand at Tiruvannamalai for canine clinics that offer comprehensive services from assessment, diagnosis and treatment to care and grooming for our pet dogs. 

In May 2016, Dr. A. Arun opened his Hearty Paws Pet Clinic on Kanji Road (near Kubera Lingam). Dr. Arun, a Government small animal specialist as well as holding a Pet Clinic in the evenings; also offers, as per need, home visits to diagnose and treat pets. 

The Doctor has already visited my own brood of doggies and I was happy at how easily they took to him. Also very pleased with his assessment and treatment programme for one of my older dogs with a systemic skin condition. 

Dr. Arun M.V.Sc., who hails from Tiruvannamalai, studied and received his Masters Degree at the Madras Veterinary College—one of the premier Veterinary Colleges of South Asia. 

Below is more information about Dr. Arun and Hearty Paws Pet Clinic plus lots of photographs. 

Hearty Paws Pet Clinic 

Veterinary Doctor: 
Dr. A. Arun M.V.Sc., 
(Master of Clinical Medicine) 
Mobile No: (0)9488350208 

Consulting Hours evening 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. 
House visits attended on need basis 
Email Contact: heartypawspetclinic@gmail.com 

Vimaladevi Complex, 
Idukkupillaiyar Koil (Opp) 
Kanji Road, Vengikkal, 

Studied at Madras Veterinary College receiving his Masters Degree (M.V.Sc). Specialising in Veterinary Clinical Medicine, ethics and jurisprudence 

Research work: 
Small animal echocardiography 
Specialised in: Disease diagnosis, Dermatology, Ultrasonography, Radiography 

Vaccinations for dogs and cats 
Assessment and treatment 
Medicated baths 
Grooming, Hair trimming, Nail clipping 
Birth control surgeries 
Specialised treatment for skin disease 
Pet foods available 
Pet snacks, bones, chews 
Pet accessories, chains, leashes, grooming items 
Medicine for pets 

Not just dogs, but care for other small animals

Clinic located opposite the Idduku Pillaiyar Shrine (near Kubera Lingam)

Dr. Arun's Clinic located at Vimaladevi Complex

Great selection of leads and accessories

Chews and snacks for our doggies

Dog Medicines and Supplements available at Clinic

Good selection of various Dog Food brands

Everything available for our doggies

Dr. Arun

Dr. Arun with a small patient

Full examination and assessment

Ouch! And now comes treatment time!

Hearty Paws Canine Clinic, Tiruvannamalai


hari prasad said...

Very nice to know about pet doctor. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Does he have a website? Maybe we can help him create one. Tiruvannamalai really needs more such clinics when animals are given the lowest priority in the world. I wish him my best wishes.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

On a personal level, as I have a large brood of dogs, very happy that such a top flight Vet has such a clinic in Tiruvannamalai. I will be writing more about him very shortly regarding his plans of developing animal care. As of now, he does not have a website. Will ask him about such plans when I meet with him later this week.

Anonymous said...

Great news that we have a Vet in town experienced with looking after dogs.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have amazing dogs, like mine was once upon a time. :-)

You do shower a lot of attention on them and it shows. I hope we can get this doctor a good income so he will stay. He seems so kind and knowledgeable. Arunachala's gift to all of us.