5 August 2017

August 5, 2017 Shani Pradosham: Arunachaleswarar Temple

Shani Pradosham occurs when the 13th Moon-day falls on a Saturday. As Lord Shiva has greater influence over Saturn on this day, Saturn can be led to loosen and release some of our karmic bonds.

Shani can bless with both good and bad and for this reason a prayer to him, especially on Saturdays, is said to mitigate devotee’s hardships. He is ruled by Lord Yama. Saturn ensures happiness.

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At a village called Surutapalli, (nearly 60 kms from Chennai), Pallikondeswarar Temple is located which is home to a recumbent Siva (Sayana Sivan i.e. Sleeping Siva).

Story about Saturday Pradoshams

The story goes that during the churning of the ocean, when Lord Siva swallowed poison spewed from the seas, his neck turned blue. Goddess Parvati rushed forward and held his neck so that the poison would not spread to the rest of his body. This Shiva is represented at the Pallikondeswarar Temple by the image of the Lord sleeping on the lap of the Goddess Parvathi.

The Gods came down from heaven to have darshan of the Lord but were stopped by gatekeeper Nandi, who asked them to return after Shiva was fully rested. When the Lord woke, he was filled with happiness and danced the “Ananda Thandavam”. The day the Gods came to have darshan of the Lord is reputed to have been a Saturday.

Pradosham Abhishekams at Arunachaleswarar Temple
Abhishekam is performed on the five major Nandi statues at Arunachaleswarar Temple on the occasion of each Pradosham. 

From east to west the five Temple Nandis are: 

Periyar Nandi in front of Vallala Gopuram Fifth Prakaram.
Chinna Nandi, Fourth prakaram 
Kodi Kampathu Nandi, Third Prakaram 
Ratha Vilaku Nandi, Second Prakaram 
Pradosha Nandi, Moolastanam 

Worship of Periyar Nandi, 5th Prakaram

Large Nandi

Devotees in 5th Prakaram watching abhiskekam of Lord Nandi

Kodi Kampathu Nandi, 3rd Prakaram (Flagpost)

Rathu Vilaku Nandi, 2nd Prakaram

Abhishekam of the Lord with his Consort

Alankaram of the Gods

Procession of the Gods at Arunachaleswarar Temple

Circumambulation of the Shiva Shrine, Arunachala background

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