4 August 2017

Message from Leslie Robinson

The below is in connection with the previous post about 85 Abandoned Animals Rescued by Arunachala Animal Sanctuary. 

In this regard Leslie Robinson, Founder of the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary is sending you this personal message. 

Leslie Robinson at Shelter

Message from Leslie Robinson 

Dear, dear People: 

In the 10 1/2 years we've been open, I have never, never heard of anything like this...or, this big. 

We just rescued 85 abandoned, starving Creatures. An entire village. 17 cows/calves/bulls. 6 large bullocks. 2 sheep. 56 goats. 4 pigs. 

Many of you have not heard of us before. When we opened, the animal situation was awful here. Over 7,000 homeless animals. 350 suffering and dying creatures on the streets. Rabies. Abuse. No facility to treat the animals. No small-animal vet within 70 kms. It's really different, now. The relationship of the animals with the people they live day in, day out has been totally transformed. The core of our Work is demonstrative love. We have a Staff of 21, volunteers, plus two full-time veterinarian doctors, both surgeons. The Animal Welfare Board of India in a public letter said we had established ourselves as one of the best in the Nation. 

We've hired ten extra caretakers to give around-the-clock care that alone cost 100,000 rupees a month. And the food cost is around 150,000 rupees...Coming to almost $4,000 US a month. 

We really need help with this. 

Love, Leslie Founder/Director 

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To find out more about the work of this organisation and details of how to donate, please visit the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary at this link here


Anonymous said...

Did Ramana ashram provide you with any help? I hope they did.

There is a posting on Tiru Facebook page of the dogs that are being hit with sticks and killed by security guards in Ramana Ashram. I agree with the post that some employees in the ashram are very loving to animals and some absolute brutes. They behave that way with the sadhus they are feeding as well with our money.

Dear owner of Arunachala Grace, I hope you will allow this comment on your blog. If we all withhold our donations to Ramana Ashram until they ensure that all employees treat the sadhus and the dogs well, then we may have real impact for the love of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi and to Arunachala

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Dear Anonymous:

As per your request I am posting this comment on Arunachala Grace. I rarely go to the Ashram and have no personal knowledge of how either dogs (and other animals) or even Sadhus are treated at the Ashram.

Leslie Robinson's email address is:

He would be the best person to answer your comments. Please get in touch with him.

Anonymous said...

Considering he has come on you lovely blog to ask for donations for his amazing charity, please can he look up the facebook page for Tiru live where a westerner has expressed her shock at how Ramana Ashram treats its dogs.

I have personally seen the boys serving food to the sadhus act in rude, arrogant ways. I have seen it and the poor sadhus just stomach it because really, what can they do.

We can do something by with holding our donation dollars. Otherwise the karma will come to us because we are enabling ramana ashram to use the power they get with OUR donation dollars and ill treating the sadhus and the animals.

Please devotees who are still in Tiru please bring it to the attention of the ashram management. If you are afraid of the repercussions, atleast tell them that their behaviour is making the rounds of the internet.