3 September 2017

Flooding at Ramana Nagar, Tiruvannamalai

As part of the natural climate cycle, after a long hot dry summer, at this time of the year Tamil Nadu generally receives a copious amount of rain during the monsoon. The below photographs were taken about a week ago, subsequently we have been receiving heavy rains most evenings, so water levels are daily increasing. 

Rains pouring down Arunachala

Rains coming from the summit creating streams down the side of the Hill

Agni Tank (Chengham Road) during de-silting operations

Agni Tank this monsoon season. The tank is one of the catchment areas for water pouring down the side of Arunachala. Notice the water running off Arunachala pouring into the tank at top of photograph.

Sometimes the water flow is so heavy the tank fills completely and becomes an "infinity" pond with the overspill pouring onto the adjacent Chengham Road

Palakothu Tank on a normal day

The Tank is in front of the Paul Brunton house and a favourite encampment for sadhus and sannyasins
Palakothu Tank beginning to fill up. Photograph taken 5 days ago

Water beginning to overflow sides of tank 5 days ago

Some irrigation ditches on the sides of houses in Ramana Nagar having problems coping with the heavy rains

Drains and waterways damaged in the rains

A number of homes on this street and at the bottom of lane have already been damaged this rainy season

Lots of damage this year to houses and buildings in the Ramana Nagar area. The above is a gate at Ramana Ashram damaged by the heavy rains

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