2 January 2018

First Arunachala 2018 Girivalam

Yesterday was a very sunny, mild day and a large number of devotees were in Tiruvannamalai to take darshan at Arunachaleswarar Temple and perform girivalam of Arunachala.

January 2018 has 2 girivalams. The second one (at the end of the month) will occur:

January Tuesday 30.01.2018 from 10.09 p.m. to January Wednesday 31.01.2018 to 7.58 p.m.

To view the complete 2018 Arunachala Poornima calendar, go to this link here.

Devotees waiting in line to take darshan of Lord Annamalaiyar at Arunachaleswarar Temple

Crowds of devotees performed January Arunachala girivalam


Divya said...

Wow! Looks like huge crowds!

Itinerant Yogi said...

Wonderful. Thanks. Great start to 2018 with an auspicious full moon. Happy new year meenakshi