24 March 2018

Rukku on Girivalam Pathway 2012

I am reposting the below series of photographs taken on July 15, 2012 while Rukku was walking on the Girivalam Pathway on her way to preside at a function at Adiannamalai Temple, located at the Northwest side of the Hill. 

Just want to show her happy and out and about. 

Now you are fully free. Be Happy. 


Anonymous said...

I read on your blog that RUkku likes carrots and cabbage. So on one trip to india i got her carrots, cabbage and dates. She loved it. The children in the vicinity loved seeing her eat even lying down on the ground to look up into RUkku's mouth. The only person who was unhappy was the mahout because I didnt give money.

I think RUkku remembered the feeding because on subsequent visits to india she would flutter her eyelids when i called out her name. RIP sweet Rukku.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Nice to hear you brought Rukku lots of veggies and gave her a big treat. Absolutely Rukku remembered the feeding and showed it by giving you an eyelid flutter whenever you subsequently met up.

However I never did try dates with her. Good imagination on your part. Bet she loved them. One of the favourite fruits for elephants is the Wood Apple, check out this great link at:


It is said that when an elephant swallows the round, hard wood apple, the fruit travels intact through the digestive system. The elephant extracts the nutrients of the fruit through the skin, and eventually eliminates the fruit whole.