5 April 2018

2018 Tamil Nadu Elephant Rejuvenation Camp

Today (April 5, 2018) the article “Temple Elephants Find Friends and Care at This Retreat in India,” with lots of great photographs has appeared in "The New York Times". The article is about Tamil Nadu's recently concluded 48-day Elephant Rejuvenation Camp that was conducted at Mettupalayam.

The article starts:

"It’s not every day that you spot an elephant riding in the back of a truck.

Selvaprakash Lakshmanam wasn’t the only person taking photographs as he documented a temple elephant’s trip from its solitary and sacred home to an elephant rejuvenation camp in southern India. He had first visited the camp, in the state of Tamil Nadu, about five years ago, and he returned in 2015. On that visit, he made portraits of elephants and their keepers, known as mahouts. But he wanted to witness the journey — one that begins by training an elephant to get into a truck.

Some of the elephants had traveled hundreds of miles to reach the camp, he said. “So I wanted to see what the preparation is.”

To read the rest of the article click on this link here.

Several Elephants getting a hose down

A worker's turn to "water-up"

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