7 October 2006

The Babies

This is the little dairy next to my house. It has got larger now with nearly 40 cows and lots of calves. Mooo!

Its very tragic to see how cows in South India are treated. Theirs is always a life of imprisonment. For instance in this photograph each of the cows is tied up to a railing or a peg. And thats how it is day and night, and night and day. It's so rare for cows to just be allowed to be cows and wander around.

I will keep talking with the owners of the dairy and hope to get a lifestyle improvement for the cows. But compared to other cows in this area; these little ones have a grand life! At least its nice and peaceful, the air is clean and fresh and there is lots of good grub. But my question is, 'How is it possible for man to care so much for his own comfort and so little for the comfort of others'?


Divyakka said...

I really agree! Cows have the reputation of being 'holy' and 'woprshipped' in India, but the daily life reality is not like that at all. Cows are tied up 24 hours a day. They are quietly sent to the slaughterhouse if they do not produce calves or enough milk for a year or two. I have seen this happen numerous times, even Brahmins and vegetarians do it.

Arunachala Living said...

It breaks my heart that such loving, trusting creatures should be so abused by us. Eventually I hope to get a few cows myself and the one promise I have made to 'the great Cow Mother in the sky' is that I will let the calves suckle freely and not tie them up -no horrible rope through their sweet, delicate noses.

Oh! Yes! I will have a BIG field that they can spend their happy days in - just being what the Great God indeed - COWS HANGING OUT. MOOOO!!!!!