25 January 2007

Animal Hospital

The Animal Care Centre
on the Chengam Road named 'Karuna Society for Animals and Nature' is now officially open and is daily performing sterlisation operations on local female dogs. The facility is located in Ramana Nagar and close to Ramana Ashram, an area frequented by foreign pilgrims; so very convenient for a visit to check out the excellent work at this facility. The organisation is the Tiruvannamalai Brank of the Karuna Society, Puttaparthi started by Clementien Paus. For more information about Karuna Society, please check out:

At the top of this photograph is the reception and operating room areas of this Tiruvannamalai facility.

Below is the operating theatre and the gent at the right (in the yellow shirt) of the photograph is Srinivasan who works at the Karuna Society at Puttaparthi but has been working as locum for the last week at Tiruvannamalai until the organisation's veterinary doctor arrives from Holland. The man on the left is Venkateshan and is a permanent employee at the Animal Centre.

Below, some nice puppies waiting for adoption. The organisation does not plan on acting as an adoption agency for puppies; but in the case of emergencies is always prepared to help out. In the past week already 7 dogs have been adopted by local residents in the area.

Many saints have well known connections with animals. At the reception centre of the facility there are pictures of Sri Sathya Sai Baba with his elephant Sai Gita, Yogi Ramsuratkumar with a dog, Sri Ramana Maharshi with Lakshmi the Cow, and a now deceased local female saint of this area who was known to love animals.

The organisation has already done sterling work in stopping the cruel street killings of stray dogs by people hired by the Muncipality and paid per 'kill'. Now that sad chapter is over, the organisation hopes that by performing sterlisation operations the stray and street dog population will be humanely maintained at an acceptable number.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mami, under this column of animal hospital there are 4 pictures of saints out of which one is of a female saint who died recently. could you blow up the picture of that female saint in particular.

Thanking you and regards

S. Ananthakrishnan

Meenakshi Ammal said...

When I next visit the Animal Shelter I will take another photo of the female saint and then blow it up and post it. Can't do that with the current photo as it won't enlarge with good definition - too blurry.