20 January 2007

Arunachala Herbs

It has been reported that:

'The herbs growing on the hill sides are supposed to possess the power to satisfy hunger, slake thirst, cure diseases, bring the dead back to life and turn base metals into gold. However a search for these herbs by people with base motives will be futile and they can be espied only by the most devoted. Devotees walking round the hill are benefited by the breeze wafting over the herbs.'

Arunachala Hill abounds in medicinal plants and herbs and practitioners of traditional Indian medicine roam about its slopes in search of leaves.

Often animals possess intuitive knowledge about local herbs and their use. In this respect it is fascinating to watch the behaviour and habits of monkeys. One may often see groups of them, particularly during the evening, gathered round munching away at the leaves and seeds of specific plants. The elders of the monkey family often coax the youngsters of the group, sometimes by pulling and pinching, into consuming the leaves.

Each month in our newsletter, Arunachala Grace News, we write a report on an ayurvedic herb or shrub found on Arunachala. In the next issue of the Newsletter we will be featuring; Cynodon Dactylon (Tamil name: Arugampul).

Cynodon Dactylon is a hardy perennial grass which flowers throughout the year, grows abundantly all over Arunachala and has remarkable healing properties.

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