25 January 2007

Kaathu Kutthal

As I was going around Arunchala in an autorickshaw, I stopped to check out this function being held at the Muneshwara Temple near Adi Annamalai on the Northside of Arunachala. Outside the Temple I noticed another small shrine which seemed to be well maintained.

Here on the left side is the entrance to the Temple and on the right side, the temporary shamian erected for the function.

The folk celebrating over a very nicely prepared lunch kindly invited me to stay and eat meals with them. However, not wanting to intrude in what seemed to be truly a family affair, I declined.

The function being celebrated was the Kaathu Kutthal; the ear piercing ceremony. Below this nice three year old child has already had a tonsure (i.e. hair shaved off) and now looks like a little egg as his head has been smeared with cooling sandalpaste. He looks relieved and happy, sadly he has yet to suffer through the ear piercing ceremony which still awaits. Definitely a day to remember!

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