29 January 2007

Evening at Home

This is the view of Arunachala from the fields at the back of my house. This photograph is taken from the Southside and is commonly known as the 'fully reclining Shiva'.

Throughout the area paddy (rice) is planted up to 3-4 times a year. First the rice is densely grown in one field and thereafter transferred to larger fields where it is planted in thinned rows. The rice in these particular fields was sown in its thinned rows about a week ago.

Below is a new addition to my family and his name is Muffin. He is about 8-10 weeks old and as you can see from the photograph is probably going to grow into a stout little boy.

Currently I have 5 dogs but am always open to the possibility of enlarging my family. In the below photograph, Muffin (black puppy), Holly (little brown girl 2 years old) and Casper (white boy also 2 years old).

Every year during the rainy season the reservoir gets filled and then slowy and gradually throughout the hot summer shrinks into a tiny muddy puddle. The reservoir occupies around 600 acres and when it is flooded is a delight for many migratory water birds who come hunting for shrimp and crab.

And so the end of a beautiful day as the sun graciously descends into the horizon.

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