28 February 2007

Advaitic Master

Today Sri Nannagaru arrived at his ashram, Sri Nannagaru Ashram at Arunachala for a short three day visit. He was accompanied by some of his older devotees on his unannounced visit and is expected to spend most of his time at Arunachala quietly at his Ashram.

Swamiji first visited Arunachala in 1957 after connecting with Sri Ramana Maharshi when reading and experiencing Bhagavan's blessings in a dream. Sri Nannagaru realised the Self soon after the beginning of his connection with Arunachala-Ramana but nonetheless continued to perform his dharmic householder's duties at his native place of Jinnuru, Andhra Pradesh. He usually visits Arunachala four times a year at which times he generally performs pradakshina, visits Ramana Maharshi and the Arunachaleswarar Temple and the homes of devotees and also allows visits of devotees and seekers to his Arunachala ashram.

"There is only Self and Self alone. It is Reality. It is Pure Consciousness. The world manifest is not real. Self is its substratum. It is Immortal It is Knowledge. It is Eternal Peace. It is Bliss. It is Light. It is Omnipotent, Omniscient. There are no divisions in the Self. It is Non-Dual. It is Indefinable. Water cannot wet it. Fire cannot burn it. It has no birth, no death. It shines in Our Heart. What the Jnani calls Self, a devotee calls as God. Silence alone is the best way of expounding it.

The nature of Self is Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss. That is the way we aspire for happiness, love, beauty. It does not depend upon any other object. Our fondness for independence is an off-shoot of it. Just as the screen is the base on which figures are projected, so also this variegated world is a projection of It. The sense of ego masquerades as the Self. Our selfish nature covers it.

To know the Self is our goal. Constant hearing of it. Remembrance of it, and establishment in it snaps our egoistic ties. The seer of the Self alone gets himself extricated from entanglements." [Words of Sri Nannagaru]

To find out more about this living advaitic master, check: www.srinannagaru.com

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