10 March 2007

Lord Venkateshwara

The Balaji murti (Lord Venkateshwara) in this shrine-room is an exact copy of the Balaji black marble 6 foot statue statue at Tirupati. In front of the statue there are murtis of; Sri Ganesha and Sri Devi and Bhu Devi. This is the first major Vishnu Temple to be built at Arunachala and many people, with a love of Tirupati Balaji, are now coming to this Lord Venkateshwara Temple here at this place. To pray to Balaji is regarded as very auspicious in connection with the answer of worldly prayers.

This Temple, dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, which was only inaugurated about two and a half years ago, is quickly becoming one of the busiest Temples in Tiruvannamalai. It is fortuitously situated right behind the Kubera Lingam on the Northeast side of Arunachala.

On Saturdays, the day particularly loved by Sri Balaji, crowds nearing the thousand are beginning to attend the elaborate pujas and bhajans. The crowds will only get bigger as the Temple construction gets closer to completion.

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