23 March 2007

Magnetic Mountain

"I have seen a new thing. There is a magnetic mountain which attracts all living beings. The moment one thinks of it, it controls (decimates) the actions of all beings who think of it and attracts them towards itself. Not only it attracts to itself but makes them motionless. How wondrous is the power of this magnetic mountain which takes such sacrifices. Oh Jeevas! Attain liberation by realising the nature of such Arunagiri." [Sri Ramana Maharshi]

In the above, Sri Ramana gives his interpretation of 'Arunagiri Yogi Vijayathe' in the Arunachala Purana. The interpretation suggests that a magnet attracts iron which is in physical proximity. But the magnetic mountain of Arunachala, attracts any being which thinks of it regardless of how far the being is. Further it makes the being devoid of action in the same way Arunchala Hill is.

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