12 March 2007

Ordinary Day

Householders, who regard the giving of food to sadhus and pilgrims to be a great blessing, often arrange such feedings to as great a number of pilgrims that their budget can afford. Throughout Tiruvannamalai such events are regularly conducted at private homes, ashrams, shrines and temples. At the below feeding the householders themselves are serving lunch to the sadhus.

And here we are receiving a nice blessing from a sadhu also present at the same feeding.

On leaving the compound of the sadhu feeding we bump into a late arriving sadhu blowing on his conch. He was very jolly and friendly.

Some short distance and on the left of the pradakshina road local farmers are growing marigolds that will later be used to probably make garlands for various religious activities.

Two locals carrying woven bamboo leaves to be used for making some kind of bamboo roof or shelter.

Just another ordinary day at extra-ordinary Arunachala.


balasubramanian said...

Nice one. thanks

Divyakka said...

Ah, wonderful photos, feel like I am there all over again. Getting homesick!

Arunachala Living said...

Well Divyakka you should come back and visit - lots has changed since you were last here in the 1980s.