9 May 2007

Bird Sanctuary

Over the last few years there has definitely been a shift in consciousness in the area regarding our animal brethren. Many good people have taken up the mantle of promoting animal welfare and are participating in improving the quality of animals' lives in Tiruvannamalai. An example of this is the great courage shown by the young woman, of the previous posting, when facing down a group of very angry hunters. Also such people as Lesley from the U.S. have greatly benefited the quality of life of cats and dogs of the area, by their excellent work in setting up the newly opened, very successful Animal Shelter and aligning it to the Karuna Society of Puttaparthi.

Arunachala Grace Network is also very active with its work dedicated to animal welfare. And in this respect we have been engaged over the last few years in both feeding numerous homeless dogs in the Lake area and also in ensuring all plastic, trash and other animal hazards around the Lake is regularly picked up. Its been our dream for many years to participate in the development of a Bird Sanctuary around the Lake and now that the Municipality is beginning to express an interest in this venture, we hope that only sincere animal lovers will be selected to undertake work on behalf of the Municipality.

So, I have talked alot about Samudram Lake, and here is a spectacular view of the lake from the embankment with its magnificent view of Arunachala.

These photographs are also taken from the Lake embankment and show the proximity of Arunachala and gives one an idea of what a blessing it would be to maintain and ensure a pristine area dedicated to the joyful simplicity of the welfare of birds, both migratory and local.

Lots more news on all aspects of animal welfare to come.

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