4 May 2007

Ramana Pradakshina

"What is there superior to pradakshina? That alone is sufficient. Even if you sit and do japa, the mind will wander, but if you do pradakshina that mind will remain one-pointed even though the limbs and the body are moving. Doing japa or meditation with a one-pointed mind, while moving about, without having any thought other than the japa, is known as absorption while moving (sanchara samadhi). That is why in the olden days pilgrimage on foot, without using any other conveyance, had so much importance.

Giri pradakshina is unique. As there are many types of herbs on the hill, the breeze that blows over them is good for the body. Even today there are many siddhas and great souls on the hill. They too go around the hill, but we cannot see them. Because of this, when we do pradakshina we should keep to the left of the road. If we do this, we do pradakshina without causing any inconvenience to them. We also get the merit of walking round these great souls, thereby receiving their blessings. As we do pradakshina, the body becomes healthy and the mind attains the peace of the Self. Because of all these things, pradakshina is an extraordinary sadhana."

[Ramana Maharshi]


Anonymous said...

Hola, supongo que no sabrás español. Yo tampoco se inglés. He entrado en tu blog y he traducido algo con la ayuda del diccionario. Espero poder seguir haciéndolo.
Un saludo

Hello, I suppose that you will not taste Spanish. I neither himself English. I have entered in your blog and I have translated something with the help of the dictionary. I hope to be able to keep on doing it

Arunachala Living said...

Welcome friend who speaks Spanish. Thank you so much for helping other Spanish speakers to understand some of the wonderful things happening at this sacred Arunachala.

sree said...

Hi there!
Bumped into your blog while googling for Bhagwan Ramana’s miracles. Basically, I’m looking for some information on Bhagwan and Sheshadri Swamigal that if they are still active and continue to bless their devotees.
Btw, Ramakrishna paramahamsa said that he’d live 300 years in subtle body to spread his divine grace, has Bhagwan given a clue about his life span after Samadhi? I’m sorry to ask many questions. Your help is highly appreciated.

Arunachala Living said...

Hello there.

Thanks for your question. You may like to check out:


a link on this Blog. In it Swami Nithyananda explains the nature of a saint's samadhi and how grace works, even after the form has died.

My own experience, visiting ,numerous samadhis at Tiruvannamalai (Ramana Maharshi, Seshadri Swami, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Sadhu Om, Tinnai Swami, The Haj samadhi, and many others) is that the saint's power, love, support and inspiration is palpable.

Yes, Yes, Yes, be assured that blessings and grace are always available when visiting the samadhis of these great ones.

sree said...

Hi there!
Thanks for the link as well as your reply. Now i have fair clarity in my mind.