14 June 2007

Hail to Thee, part 3

To read verses 1-9 inc of Hail to Thee! O’ Arunachala, go here and for verses 10-20 inc, here

21. O' Dancing Beggar of the Cremation pit
By Your command I stand, a spendthrift
Cast now upon me Thy Graceful Glance
Ere I squander this soul’s inheritance

22. Thy Will addicted this mind to pleasure
Now luring me if You wait your leisure
This soul will drink Maya's stagnant water
Like sand swallowed by the crazed traveler

23. Which parent lets a child play with fire?
Can Thou see me fall, standing as my Sire
Play no longer this mischievous game
Lest the world speak of You in shame.

24. Kama devour'd Vishwamitra in a trice
Can I win freedom then from this vice?
You who consumed Kama in a stray Glance
Are my refuge, O' Lord, my only Deliverance

25. Dazzle me not with Maya's peacock fan
Lurking b'neath is Thy serpent's fang
Stand forth my Lord blazing bright
Consume me in Thy Eternal Light

26. My vasanas crash on me evermore
As surging waves on the ocean shore
Borne by the weight of my Karma
They shatter my resolve of Dharma

27. As an infant building castles of sand
I struggle in my Sadhana to stand
O' Saviour of Parvati's sand idol
Enfold me in Thy Arms Bridal

28. O' Lord of all beings, worlds and lands
Weighted by failings, condemned I stand
I come seeking Thy sanctifying Grace
Turn me not away from Thy Embrace

29. O' Hunter of souls, Divine Archer beyond compare
Was errant Thy Gaze as Thy Arrow shot here
And grazed my heart with this unhealing wound
Now Knowledge reigns not with Ignorance unswoon’d

30. Or is it Thy sport, that You prefer
To see this soul move in dazed stagger
Grasping by turn at scripture and worlds
In vain quest for relief as agony swirls

31. Be Still and Surrender Thou said
'Tis easy for Thee to speak from Thy bed
When even surrender is by Thy command
Who shall bow to whom, I pray demand

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