8 June 2007

Popular Ashrams

In the interests of new pilgrims and visitors to Arunachala who need Ashram contact information, I hope in the course of the next few days to mention the most prominent Ashrams at Tiruvannamalai that welcome guests. In the previous posting I mentioned Suddhananda Ashram at Adi Annamalai, which is most suitable for a quiet Retreat.

However, two of most popular Arunachala Ashrams are located near the giripradakshina pathway and in the area known as Ramana Nagar. Several supermarkets, fruit stands, internet facilities and small shops are conveniently located at Ramana Nagar. Travelling to and from the Big Temple or other places is either by walk or auto rickshaw. Autorickshaws are inexpensive and always available outside major Ashrams.

If you would like to find out more about either Sri Ramanashram or Sri Seshadri Ashram, please refer to this early posting.

In the case of Ramanashram, arrangements needs to be made prior to staying; NO DROPPING IN. In this respect you can either write or email to the below:

Sri V.S.Ramanan
Sri Ramanasramam P.O.
Sri Ramanasramam
Tamil Nadu 606 603 India

Phone : +91-(0)4175-237200

Ramanashram has a very nice dining hall for meals. Rooms at the Ashram are traditional with fans and often Indian style toilets. However Ramanashram now has several new compounds near their main Ashram complex, that have modern styled rooms with ensuite Western bathrooms. Payment is done on a donation basis. If you are unknown to the Ashram, generally speaking, shorter stays are encouraged.


Seshadri Ashram is more flexible in their visitor requirements, and if they have accommodation, will be welcoming to drop-in visitors and pilgrims. However, nowadays because of festivals, full moons and the very long 'busy' season, generally lasting from October-March, it is better to get in touch prior to turning up. Seshadri Ashram offers traditional, old fashioned Ashram rooms with Indian toilets or more modern rooms with ensuite Western style bathrooms. The Ashram also has fully air conditioned rooms (you need to ask for them), which is a very nice luxury during the hot, summer months. Specific room rates are set for different style rooms, you should make sure you know this information at the beginning.

Seshadri Ashram does not have a dining room but it does have a restaurant facility located inside their compound which is open from early morning to late evening

For more information it is best to telephone accommodation office direct:
+91-(0)4175-236999 or 238599

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sree said...

Thanks for the comprehensive information about Arunachala Ashrams. Looking forward to read your future posts. I'll email you when my travel plans are concrete.