18 July 2007

Monkey Munch

I just love the Bonnet Macaque monkeys that live all around Arunachala and Tiruvannamalai. Of course its easy to be relaxed and mellow about them, when the rascals don't come to my house, ransack rooms or raid the kitchen; as they do in popular spots throughout the area! But luckily I am some distance from their thieving runs.

However, I find it impossible to go around girivalam pathway without purchasing food and snacks to give to both monkeys and dogs. This particular monkey was hanging out on a tree watching me feed hard crunchy bread rolls (a big favourite) to a couple of hungry dogs in the compound of the Temple I was visiting. Once the dogs had departed, the monkey followed me inside the Rajarajeshwari Temple looking for his share of 'goodies'.

The Temple Trustee chased the feisty monkey out into the compound, where finally it was united with its 3 hard earned crusty, crunchy bread buns!

If you want to find out more about these adorable and smart monkeys check out this link Bonnet Macaques.

Such a tidy little 'un.

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