14 July 2007

Quo Vadis Compound

Finally building work at Quo Vadis Compound is complete and now all that remains is to populate the library with books and fit out the kitchen ready for the opening of the Center's two restaurants. In the below photograph is Ole Madsen from Denmark, who has been working with Quo Vadis as representative of Dan Mission. On the right of the photograph is the co-ordinator of Quo Vadis and Lutheran pastor of this area, Rev. Joshua Peter.

To find out more about the purpose of Quo Vadis you can check at this link.

In the next photograph is Penita, the wife of Rev. Joshua Peter, and the person who will be in charge of the Center's kitchen and restaurants.

Now that the building work is complete, most have been engaged in a big clean up and also in landscaping the compound.

One of the restaurants will be on the roof of the Center and has a sublime view of Arunachala.

The original site of the Center had trees that had to be felled before construction work could be started. Wherever possible the trees were saved with the idea of later turning them into sculptures. The logs in the below photograph are soon to be turned into two matching sculptures by a local Tamil artist named Ravi who, it is hoped, will be working with apprentices from a local Catholic Center.

Another view of the two giant logs.

Once finished they will be put on either side of the gateway into the Compound and thus provide a striking and memorable entry into Quo Vadis.

The two sculptures will be completed within a month and when ready I will post photographs of them.

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Divya said...

A lovely idea and a beautiful place, my best wishes for a very successful venture!