11 August 2007


The Animal Shelter at Tiruvannamalai is doing amazing work undertaking sterlisation operations on both male and female dogs and cats. The Shelter helps injured and sick animals and is also a sanctuary for animals who are unable to survive in the World by themselves.

The Shelter takes in street dogs for sterlisation operations and after convalescence from surgical procedures, dogs are released back into the same area from where they were originally taken. But sometimes young puppies end up at the Shelter.

This is a very sweet orphaned family of young pups waiting for a loving Master to come along and adopt them.

Cute just isn't a strong enough word to describe these little angels!

It's easy to see that the Shelter is well run and that all residents receive lots of loving attention from a dedicated Shelter staff.

The below blue cage is this puppy family's private residence. A Shelter worker has just let them out, in order to take out the straw bedding and replace it with fresh, clean straw (a procedure repeated daily).

A giant person looks down at one of the young puppies, who is of course, fearless in its secure and loving environment.

In the below photograph, the man holding the pup is called Iyyapan. He comes from a local farming family that has land next to Samudram Lake. I was surprised to see him looking for a dog to adopt at the Shelter because usually in the countryside there are plenty of roaming dogs to choose from. But Iyyapan was particularly interested in adopting a black coloured dog - as black dogs are regarded as lucky and auspicious. Well Iyyapan really must believe the folk lore because he ended up adopting two black puppy brothers. Excellent news for the Shelter and also good news for the two puppies as they will be ending up at a very pretty area.

The below photograph is of an Indian squirrel - of which the area abounds. This little chap got separated from his Mum and has been officially adopted by the Animal Shelter. He has a very nicely equipped cage but spends alot of his time away from his snug little home, running up and down welcoming arms.

Adult, sterlised dogs are available at the Shelter for adoption to good homes. Dogs and puppies receive all relevant innoculations and are in excellent condition. So if you live in Tiruvannamalai and want a dog, come by the Animal Shelter and check out some of the canine friends waiting for a loving Master and snug home.


divyakka said...

How adorable they are! Thanks for the news and hopefully all the cute darlings will be adopted to great happy homes.

Arunachala Living said...

The Animal Shelter is doing such brilliant work - I'm so glad and grateful that they are here - it makes such a difference to have a such a great shelter with really good vets.