15 October 2007

Pattali Youth Association Conference

On Saturday October 6th, a rally was held by The Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) on the occasion of the 15th Conference of the Pattali Youth Association, the youth wing of the PMK. The Conference’s intention was to publicize what the Party terms ‘the 10 commandments’ drafted by the Association to channel youth towards a constructive path as the Party’s founder believes that the modern youth in India is habituated to drinking alcohol.

In this respect it was claimed during the Conference that no other political party in India has tackled the problem of youth drinking in such a way. It was further stated that the number of TASMAC Shops (Government approved liquor shops) has doubled in Tamil Nadu during the tenure of the present Government. After the ‘10 Commandments’(drawn up to constructively channel youth) was read out, members of the Youth Association took a pledge promising to abstain from alcohol.

And this series of photographs are of the temporary facility constructed for the function. To view more pictures of the construction click here.

The above is the preparation of the parking lot for cars and coaches for the Conference.

Side view of the large, open space of the Conference facility.

Word has it that the total cost of the function came to 30 Lakhs (i.e. U.S.$77,000)! As well as the huge cost of the function there was also the complication of organizing a large security personnel force to ensure the political rally went off peacefully – and happily it did, the whole function was trouble free. Also they have done a very good clean up job after their well attended function. The people of Ramana Nagar, Tiruvannamalai thank them for it.

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