11 November 2007

Its nearly here!

Over the next few weeks, I hope to post information about the upcoming Deepam Festival at Arunachala. There certainly will be plenty happening and soon spectacular light decorations on all nine Gopurams of Arunachaleswarar Temple will illuminate the huge Temple and surrounding 26 acre compound. The 10 day Festival offically begins with a flag hoisting ceremony which falls this year on November 15th. The actual lighting of the Deepam on top of Arunachala will occur at dusk on November 24th. It is said the Deepam is lit at the precise moment when the moon rises and the setting sun is still visible on the horizon. These elements, sun, moon and fire, symbolise the three eyes of Lord Siva (who is known as Somasuryagni-lochana).

Get out that welcome mat - the town will be bursting at the seams!

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