29 November 2007

Premananda Arunachala Retreat 2008

We have been asked to post details of the upcoming Retreat at Arunachala of spiritual teacher Premananda.


An intensive three weeks Retreat focusing on Self Enquirywith the spiritual teacher Premananda - 30th Dec 2007 to 20th Jan 2008

"Satsang offers an end to suffering
It points to your true nature,
unencumbered by believing
you are someone you are not."

In Satsang we experience a profound connection to the stillness within ourselves. Arising from this stillness we experience a deep sense of peace and bliss that simply wells up from within. For no reason at all. Through years and years of not understanding, not Knowing, and at the same time, having inside ourselves some sense of almost Knowing, or of a knowledge that had been known and since lost, we have been searching. Satsang is the experiencing, that in fact, we are uniquely connected to everything. There is no separation. We are one with the whole existence.

Teacher Premananda
with ajja-ananda

Arunachala in Mist

Bullock Ride

Participants' Kids in previous Retreat

Puja at Ramana Ashram

Swami Dayananda

Dialogue and Laughter


Morning Meditation on
Sri Nannagaru Ashram rooftop

Guided Tour of
Inner Mountain Path

Teacher Premananda

Teacher Premananda
with Tanzen

2008 Retreat and Travel Information:
Arrival date: 29 December 2007
First day of Retreat: 30 December 2007
Last day of Retreat: 20 January 2008
Departure date: 21 January 2008

Sri Nannagaru Ashram
Ramana Maharshi St. 2
Rajiv Gandhi Nagar
Chengam Rd, Tiruvannamalai
Tamil Nadu 606603 India

Info & Booking:

Satsang Office
Tel: 0049 2173 40 99 204
Mobile: 0049 178 44 13 704



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