28 November 2007

Temple Chariots

If you wish to get a full list of processions during the Deepam Festival please check the earlier posting at here:

Today, 28th November actually marks the end of processions for this year's Deepam with Sri Chandikeswarar Festival this morning and Sri Chandikeswarar Utsavam in the evening. Although the processions may be over, the light on top of Arunachala (lit on November 24th) is still alight and remains so for anywhere between 8-10 days. I hope to post a couple of photographs of the light on top of the Hill over the next few days.

In the meantime a collection of photographs of various functions of the Deepam Karthigai Festival.

Generally I don't promote photographs of Rukku, the Temple Elephant, but in this case as she is getting lots of nice exercise and looks extremely perky, am happy to do so.

Arunachaleswarar and his Goddess Unnamulai on the Silver Bull - Periyar Rishaaba Vaganam of the fifth day.

On the same day Ambal on a Silver Bull.

Below an amazing photograph of the biggest and grandest processon which takes place on the 7th day of the Karthigai Festival of the Maha Radham (Big Wooden Chariot) which is pulled by devotees around the perimeter of the 26 acre Big Temple and through town.

The below is of the Thanga Rishaba Vaganam (Golden Bull) which is taken out late in the evening of the 10th day (the same day of the lighting of the Deepam).

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