18 December 2007

Wheres the Water?

By now the nearly 700 acre Samudram Lake is full of water, but as the year has thus far been comparatively dry, decided to walk on the embankment of Samudram and see just how much water is in the Lake. The view in the below photograph is of protected land and farms on the east side of Samudram.

Walking along the embankment met a local lady picking herbs and leaves to make a preparation for a stomach condition.

From the pathway skirting the side of Samudram Lake, one can see the top of Arunachala peeping out behind the bushes and trees.

A view of protected land nearby.

The beginning of a small shrine being built by local villagers at the side of Samudram Lake embankment.

By this time of year all the green you can see in the below photograph would usually be 2-3 feet under water - but now all that exists is a large puddle. However today its raining, and the forecoast is thunderstorms and heavy rain for the next five days. The Lake is the major water catchment area for Tiruvannamalai and during the wet season, water pours down the Hill into canals and flows into the Lake - which will then fill up very quickly.

Will keep checking up on the Lake and see just how much it fills up over the next few months.

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Divya said...

Beautiful pics, makes me want to run over to India again! Probably there is a lot more water now that it has been raining for days.