6 February 2008

AKSP needs support

We have written many times on Arunachala Grace about the Arunachala Kattu Siva Plantation and about their excellent reforestation work. One of the most unique aspects of their work is that the structure of their organisation is such that it empowers the forest worker with a voice in decision making. Sadly, as is often true in the case of the worthiest of organisations, AKSP is in a precarious financial position and urgently needs the support of Arunachala devotees to help fund their work. Otherwise their organisation might have to fold - which will be sad day for Arunachala reforestation.

To understand exactly what it is they do, please check an earlier posting here. And also to meet some of the friendly, hardworking decent forest workers, please read about a recent Saraswati Puja at this link.

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