29 February 2008

Lord Venkateshwara Temple

Have been following construction progress at the Lord Venkateshwara Temple compound, located just off the girivalam pathway near the Kubera Lingam. Glad to see that since last visiting the compound, lots of progress has been made.

Started off outside the Temple at a small shrine dedicated to Vinayaka and Kamadhenu (the wish fulfilling cow)

Part of the Temple complex, is a hospital, which is currently under construction.

The front of the Lord Venkateshwara Temple at Arunachala.

Some of the land belonging to the Temple Trust, which will be utilised to house a 4-storey structure of 108 apartments available for pilgrims and visitors.

From the angle of the below photograph, it is easier to notice that the Temple is built on an elevation. The elevation is artifically created in order to make it more prominent from the roadway and also to facilitate a better darshan of Arunachala from its precincts.

Another view of the Temple, with one of its Gopruams (towers).

There is a small dairy at the Temple compound. Sitting nearby are a couple of working bullocks, who are taking a rest from hauling carts being used at the hospital construction site.

And below an aspect of the Mother. In Tamil Nadu, its common to have representations of the Goddess (such as Karumariamman) portrayed in this bodiless way - and it signifies that the whole world is the body of the Mother.

The next photograph shows landscaping at the front of the Temple, which is still under construction. The huge idol of Lord Venkateshwara was installed and consecrated a couple of years ago and many pujas occur daily at the Temple.

If you are visiting Arunachala, recommend visiting this beautiful and powerful Temple. As mentioned in an earlier post, the idol of Lord Venkateshwara, is exactly based on the hugely famous Tirupati Balaji.

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