19 February 2008

Explore Vodpod

You may enjoy looking at the new 'Vodpod' at the bottom left margin of this site. The Pod, which is entitled 'Explore' invites you to explore both the inner and outer Universe. To begin with there is a very nice Shiva (who is representative of consciousness) montage. Which is rather appropriate as Mahashivaratri, the major Shiva festival celebrated both at Arunachala and throughout India, occurs (this year) at the beginning of March. The second video is a short compilation of Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings with photographs of the sage and Arunachala. In the third video, Robert Anton Wilson, the brilliant and witty scientist, talks about perception. He explains how perception is a gamble and how we believe what we see and our interpretation of it without even realising that most of the time, we have even made an interpretation. And finally the fourth video of the 'Vodpod' is of ten extraordinary photographs of the Universe taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

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