13 March 2008

Sri Nannagaru Visit

Sri Nannagaru will be arriving at his Ashram at Arunachala on Saturday, March 15, and will be staying for 11 days. While here he will be available to devotees and visitors several times a day. Sri Nannagaru Ashram is located off the Chengam Road, about one kilometre west of Ramana Ashram, in an area called Rajiv Gandhi Nagar.

Sri Nannagaru visits Arunachala about four times a year and stays for between 7-12 days each visit. As he is in fact my own Guru, without a doubt I will post lots of photos and news in the upcoming days.

Swamiji was born on September 23, 1934 and made his first visit to Arunachala in 1957 to visit Ramana Ashram and the samadhi of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Sri Nannagaru returned to his native place, Jinnuru, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, and continued with his duties as an agriculturalist, husband and father. Without turning his back on his duties, going on pilgrim, or engaging in any sort of extreme sadhana, Sri Nannagaru attained realisation within a short time of his 1957 visit. He says that the occasion of his realisation occurred during a later short visit to Arunachala and happened through the Grace of Arunachala, Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Although Sri Nannagaru's own teachings are based on Self Enquiry, he guides devotees in whatever path is personally most suited to them.

The below photograph is the view of Arunachala from the gates of Sri Nannagaru Ashram.

Ancedote from
“Sadhana for Taming the Mind”
By Sadguru Sri Nannagaru

“Once, moved by the prayers of a devotee, the Gods came and asked him for any boon he wished. The devotee replied;

“I have not prayed for wealth or gifts,”
The Gods persisted, “We will give you wealth,”
“I cannot hoard or protect it,” he answered.
“We will give you the boon of knowing the future and give you the power to know other peoples’ minds,”
The devotee replied, “Why should I bother myself with the minds of others?”
The Gods said, “We will give you the power to cure diseases.”
“The power of God’s name alone is enough to cure,” answered the devotee.

The Gods realised that the man would not accept any boon and without his knowledge, they gave the boon that on whosoever the shadow of this man fell, that person would have all desires fulfilled.

If you realize and own the vastness and depth of your heart, great benefit will accrue to the world.”

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