19 April 2008

Dhyanapeetam Inauguration

So this morning made my arrangements to visit the function held at the new three acre Nithyananda facility around the Hill.

Obviously a lot of folk had done very dedicated service in getting the facility ready in time for the function. I got there myself around 9.45 a.m. (the programme will extend throughout this day) because I was curious to be there for the arrival of Nithyananda.

I recognised alot of familiar faces - well after all Tiruvannamalai is a very small town! Even though it was a blazing hot morning, we were comfortable in our nice shady spots. And around 10.30 a.m. Swami Nithyananda arrived and duly took his seat on the dais.

I hope to post more about the function in the next day or so.


gregory said...

i love this guy, i think he is a pukka mahatma, one of the very few in tiruvannamalai.... with luck he will stay around and kick some ass, because the satsang world has become a very bad joke on tiruvannamalai

Anonymous said...

for milleniums Arunachala has been the manifestation of Dakshinamurti ... who teaches the wisdom to all beings through silence...this full moon -espcially through the Nithiananda program - was just the opposite.

Divya said...

Looks like you had a prime up-close spot!

Anonymous said...

He certainly is very controversial! Some like him and some think he should stay at his ashram in Bangalore - far, far away.