23 April 2008

What's the Best Distance?

(Nandikesvara tells Markandeya)
"There is in the Southern Region, O ascetic, in the land of Dravidas, a great sacred place named Aruna associated with the Lord with the crescent-moon for his crest-jewel.

It extends to three Yojanas. It is worthy of being adored by Sivayogins. Know it to be the heart of the earth, attractive and thrilling to Siva.

There the Lord Sambhu himself has assumed the form of a mountain. He has the name Arunachala. He is conducive to the welfare of the worlds."

[Chapter 4, The Greatness of Arunachala
Skanda Purana -- I.iii(U).4.12-23]

Siva said:
"I ordain that residence within a radius of three Yojanas of this Hill shall be itself suffice to burn off all defects and effect union with the Supreme."
[Skanda Purana]

A yojana is a Vedic measure of distance used in ancient India. The exact measurement is disputed amongst scholars with distances generally being given in the order of 7-8 kilometres.

The etymology of the word ‘yojana’ is derived from the same root that gives us both the English word ‘yoke’ and the Indian term ‘yoga’. It is thought that ‘yojana’ initially meant ‘being yoked’, and that it was used as a unit of measure to indicate the approximate distance that a cow could pull a cart to which it was yoked.

The yojana is used extensively in ancient descriptions of Buddhist cosmology (and, presumably, Hindu cosmology as well). The size of layers of the Earth, the heights of mountains, and the depths of seas are all described using yojanas.


SO HERES THE GREAT NEWS. It is still possible to buy beautiful land, silent, pristine, undeveloped and countrified close to Arunachala and at AFFORDABLE PRICES.

Our website, Arunachala Land will be posting information of beautiful land all within 30 kms of Arunachala perfect for an ashram, farm, country living, community or animal facility.

Today Arunachala Land has posted information about two such great parcels of land. The first within ten kilometres of Arunachala with a beautiful view of the Hill and comprising up to thirty acres of pristine land.

The second parcel of land is approximately twenty five kilometres from Arunachala and comprises up to ninety acres of immaculate land with impeccable water supply. In both cases it is not necessary to buy the whole parcel.

At the beginning of this post I quote from the definitive scriptural work 'Skanda Purana' about the area of power radiating from Arunachala as being three Yojanas (approximately 30 kilometres). So heres the best thing of all, YOU CAN AFFORD to live in a large, unspoilt environment and also be in the ambit of Arunachala's Grace.

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