17 June 2008

Chavin De Huantar

A regular reader of Arunachala Grace, S. Damodharan sent us the following information which will be of interest to all Arunachala devotees.

"In his book of reminiscences Sadhu Arunachala (Major Chadwick) mentions that Bhagwan was so sure that the Holy hill had its other end at the exact opposite spot on the earth and in fact asked for an Atlas brought to verify the lattitude and longitude at the other end. The exact spot was in the sea to the West of Peru and apparently there was no hill. The matter was dropped there. After the demise of Shree Bhagwan the Sadhu learns that there was a secret spot in Andes where somekind of spiritual worship was done. No mention of the exact place and there was no follow up.

Recently, while viewing the Holy hill in Google Earth by a sudden inspiration I checked the opposite point of the Hill. (The Hill is 79' 03" degrees East and 12' 13" North) Though the exact opposite point lies west of Peru in the Sea as described in the book, I came across another spot close by called "Chavin de Huantar" which is also a hill located at 77' 13" West and 9' 33" South, a difference of 2 to 3 degrees on either side.But the real interesting information is a look at the hill of Chavin de huantar.

I attach the Wikipedia image of the hill. See for yourself and come to your own conclusions. I shall be glad if interested people can through more light."
[S. Damodharan]

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