19 June 2008

Evening Walk

Well, its evening and most of the goats that graze around Samudram throughout the day, will have returned home -- so, the 'kids' (my doggies) and I can go for a nice evening walk. The doggies know each thorn of every acacia bush of the area - so absolutely no worry about them getting lost. So the six of them and I, head out. Its always a grand adventure. During the rainy season this whole area is several feet under water and at that time, you can find freshwater crabs, shrimps and fish. During the hot summer months the water reservoir is slowly drained of its water supply, and what was a submerged area, suddenly becomes the haunt of rabbits, foxes and mongoose. My doggies are very well fed and quite plumpy, and not keenly tuned hunters.

But they love the adventure of it and are aware of the scents of interesting game and occasionally we may even 'bump' into a fox or mongoose which gives the doggies a bit of a workout, but no danger of them catching anything.

Most evenings, its just a sedate and leisurely walkabout.

The next photograph is of Victor, our German Shepherd who we adopted from the Animal Shelter where he was living after being confiscated from abusive owners. He is filling out nicely. Happy Victor, has now learnt all about 'walkies' and swimming and has in fact turned out to be the biggest fan of the evening walk.

In countries near the equator sunrise and sunset throughout the year varies by only about half-an-hour, so there are none of those short winter, long summer days of the West. So, now that the goats have left, and my 'kids' can't get into too much mischief, we stroll and enjoy the gathering dusk and beautiful Arunachala.

Absolutely the BEST time of the day!

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