16 July 2008

A Mother's Love

Bonnet Macaque monkeys can be found throughout Tiruvannamalai District. The ones that frequent Tiruvannamalai and the outlying suburbs, are smart and socialised. They have little fear of people, but are wary of dogs in large groups. As they are so intelligent and opportunistic, its very important not to tempt them with interesting looking bags and packages. They also seem to relish nice shiny things like watches and glasses. I feel its a honour and blessing sharing this place with them.

These photographs were taken yesterday early morning at Ramana Ashram. Mothers having a chat while comparing notes on young infants. The Mums also seem to be having some kind of medical consultation!

Not only was this group sitting at the well, there were also a number of monkeys in the trees, wandering on the grounds and also peering from the roof of the Temple Shrine.

Dhal is sprinkled on the ground in front of the office every morning, an event the monkeys impatiently await for each day. Here one mother with youngster is making a grab of some dhal before the peacocks arrive.

The monkeys and peacocks have a interesting relationship in which they tolerate each other most of the time, but occasionally a skirmish breaks out between them.

And above a youngster exploring the world. He seems absolutely fearless.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoy reading all your great articles and seeing the beautiful photographs on Arunachala Grace.

Anna Claire said...

A Mother's Love - wonderful. The monkeys seem a alot more human than people! Like the medical consultation part! LOL

Eileen said...

Very cute!