18 August 2008

Sparsa Hotel Update

What a nice surprise to visit Sparsa Hotel now that it is looking so green and luxuriant.

The pool is excellent and the management have wisely decided to surround it with bamboo covered creepers (they have yet to grow) in order to offer full privacy to their guests.

In the photograph below you can see the bamboo screen at the right side in closer detail.

From the concourse of the Hotel, a very nice few of Arunachala. The Hotel is located just off the girivalam roadway path, so very convenient for all those early morning walks.

The smaller buildings are part of the Hotel infrastructure and comprise shops, a health club, an ayurveda centre, an internet facility, a gift shop and various other bits and pieces.

Below -- the shop concourse from another vantage point.

In the next photograph some of the residential quarters with separate facilities upstairs and downstairs.

In the next photograph, the Hotel's internet facility, which is awaiting two more computers.

And the small reading room.

And lastly a photograph the very interesting 'retro' motor scooters given to guests to use during their stay at the Hotel.


Veronica Anne said...

The swimming pool looks really inviting. Is it true that only guests can use the hotel pool at Sparsa but members of the public can purchase pool privileges for the pool at the Arunai Ananatha Hotel?

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Hotel.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Yes, only people staying at the Hotel can use the pool at Sparsa and yes, its true the public can indeed purchase pool privileges for the pool at the Arunai Anantha Hotel.

By the way there is a very nice public pool in Gandhi Nagar, south of the Big Temple, called Blue Star, which is also available.

Anonymous said...

The Hotel looks really nice - and so green.

Alfred (U.K.) said...

Nice looking hotel. When I was in Tiruvannamalai in the 90s unless you had a room at Ramana Ashram there was no where decent to stay - things certainly seem to have changed.

Divya said...

Love the lush greenery on the grounds!