30 September 2008

Quarrying Update

The below is a photograph of part of the the now empty Samudram Lake (which will fill up when the rains come) previous to sand quarrying.

The rest of the photographs are after sand quarrying on Samudram and surrounding land. There are many serious consequences of sand quarrying, one being the fear that the continuous and unchecked quarrying of sand will result in the depletion of sand wealth thereby undermining the retention of groundwater at a higher level.

As well as the interference with the natural ecological balance of Samudram, there is the very serious safety hazard posed to people and livestock especially after monsoon rain when the deep pits fill with water and be invisible to sight.

Sand quarrying of this type is not legal and its curious vigorous official steps (as in Pondicherry) have not been taken to prosecute the local companies involved!

To read a previous posting about sand quarrying check out this link here. The sand is used for the process of brick making and you can see ph0tographs at this previous posting and another one here.


Divya said...

That's so awful. I wonder if bribes from the companies play a part. :-(

PS Your darling baby looks quite majestic in the last pic!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

The sandmen are quite brazen about quarrying and come out in the daytime with trucks and mechanical diggers - so obviously approval is coming from somewhere.

As to the doggie - thats my Oscar - yes, he does have quite a regal air about him!