21 November 2008

Adi Annamalai Puja

Over the last couple of weeks I have been spending time with a group of eight ladies from the U.S. showing them Temples and places of interest at Tiruvannamali. On Friday, November 21st, I accompanied three of the ladies to the beautiful Adi Annamalai Temple to participate in a Navagraha Puja, which I had arranged on their behalf -- for the purpose of 'healing and empowerment'. As photographs taken inside the Temple are prohibited, I am instead posting photographs below of the outside of this beautiful and inspiration Temple.

For an aerial view of the Temple go to the link HERE.

In the upcoming Arunachala Grace News, which will be sent out direct to subscriber's email inbox in about ten days, there will be a fascinating report by the facilitator of the visiting group of ladies from the U.S., about some of their experiences at Tiruvannamalai.

The report starts thus:

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"I was inspired to bring a small and intimate group of women to visit Arunachala for a spiritual pilgrimage in November of this year. The group (in addition to myself) consisted of seven women, who were all first-timers to India. Most of the women had a long-time deep desire to come to India for spiritual reasons, but were afraid to travel by themselves. They wished to travel with someone who had a deep connection with India and experience in making the journey." . . . the report continues in Arunachala Grace News . . .
[Virginia Lee]

As well as the upcoming posting in the Newsletter there will be more information on this Blog about the ladies and their experiences during their first visit to Tiruvannamalai.

One of the more enchanting aspects of this Temple are the nooks positioned at the top of the parapet inside the Temple Compound which are constantly utilised as nests for such birds as; rose ringed parakets, white doves, emerald doves, pigeons and also the occasional shy owl.

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Caroline said...

I also visited the Adiannamalai Temple and noticed the birds. And the bats too - inside the Temple.