11 December 2008

Deepam 2008 Lighting

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Its late afternoon and I am at Sri Nannagaru Ashram to watch and celebrate the lighting of the Deepam flame on top of Arunachala, with my Guru and his devotees. As is the custom at this Ashram, a ghee lamp is waiting in the courtyard, to be lit after the Deepam on the Hill.

In the below photograph, my guruji -- Sri Nannagaru.

And we all sit waiting for the Deepam on top of Arunachala to be lit. And there it is.

Its dusk and it gets dark quickly.

As soon as the light appeared on top of Arunachala, the jyothi at the Ashram was lit by Sri Nannagaru. In the below he is circumbulating the light.

Its my preference to enjoy Deepam at the Ashram, but all over Tiruvannamalai there are celebrations, fireworks, ceremonies, functions and masses of people enjoying the evening in their own special way. Many homes like the one below have lighted ghee lamps stationed on their balconies and by their front doors.

The girivalam road is packed with pilgrims performing circumbulation of the Hill -- it will be like that through the night and well into tomorrow morning.



Jana said...

Here in Sweden it is cold and dark in December. I was in India in January - February this year in Tiruvannamalai - celebrating the Republic Day and enjoying the Ramana ashram and Quo Vadis center and many many more fantastic things. I was in India with my mother in law and that was my biggest and most incredible experience ever. And guess what? My mother in law, a 60 year old woman, was leaving us for following her dreams - she is in Tiruvannamalai right now. She came 21 November and will be there for 3 months on her own. Because of you I'm able to see all the great things over there.

Anonymous said...


Meenakshi Ammal said...

Right now the jyothi is alight on Arunachala. And will remain so for approximately another 5 days.

HeartArunachala said...


I was in Tiruvannamalai on Dec 13. Stayed in Nannagaru ashramam. I asked the ashram people about you. I told them how I had read each and every part of this blog before finally coming to Arunachala for the first time in November. Sad I couldnt meet you personally for conveying my thanks for a lovely effort.

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Dear HeartArunachala glad that you were able to make it to Tiruvannamalai and stay at Sri Nannagaru Ashram. Thanks for your very kind words and maybe next time you come to Tiruvannamalai we will in fact meet up. You can always use the contact email address at the top left hand of this blog.

Divya said...

Watching the lighting of the Deepam at Nannagaru's ashram looks much more calm and peaceful than in Tiru town!