21 December 2008

Winding Down

Last night (Saturday, December 20th) the Deepam Flame was still alight on top of Arunachala but I think thats probably the end of it for this year and we will now have to wait until December 1st, 2009 for the next Bharani Deepam and all attendant festivities.

On my way home yesterday afternoon through town on a desperate search for a cup of tea, I met up with a wagon being hauled to the Big Temple which was carrying the levers used with the Maha Radham chariot. The photograph gives a good idea of the size and weight of the huge levers.

I took the below photograph also whilst on North Sannidhi Street (in front of the Big Temple) of a deserted ride named "Break Dance" located at the Temple entranceway and with a rather incongruous 'Statue of Liberty' by the side of the ride.

However I still have photographs which I hope to be posting on Arunachala Grace of later Festival functions, so keep checking back.

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