23 April 2009

Chithra Pournami Camp

A Chithra Pournami Camp (residential camp) will be held for five days from 6th May 2009 to 11th May 2009 at the Suddhananda Foundation, Tiruvannamalai Ashram

During the Camp, there will be lectures by Swami Suddhananda on self knowledge and also classes on Sanskrit, yoga, and chanting

The Ashram itself is located near Adi Annamalai and is well maintained, peaceful and serves good sathwic (Indian) style food. However for those that like to frequent Ramana Ashram or Arunachaleswarar Temple during their stay, be aware that this ashram is located a distance of about 6 kms from both venues.

To find out more about the upcoming camp, please visit this link here.

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