14 April 2009

View from Ayyankulam Tank

The below photograph is taken from the back of Ayyankulam Tank, and facing Temple in the foreground and Arunachala in the background. The photograph was taken in the late 40's.

The small mandapam in the foreground of this second photograph is in the same place as a similar structure which you can easily make out at the left side of the top photograph near the tree. The tower and facade of Arunagirinathar Temple are new and did not exist in the 40s.

The view of Arunachala from Ayyankulam Tank is restricted and you can get good darshan only from rooftops.

In the last photograph of this sequence, the wall is the side of Arunagirinathar Temple and as you can make out there is a warren of streets and houses between it; the Big Temple and Arunachala.


Anonymous said...

Your snaps are great
whose camera model are you using please let me know
do mail me to karthik.rajashekaran@gmail.com

Meenakshi Ammal said...

Thanks for the 'thumbs up' re the photographs. I use a Canon Digital camera that is many years old. But it does in fact take very nice snaps.

Anonymous said...

Nice snaps .. which we actually wanted to see ...
Arunachala Grace is doing a great job ..