29 May 2009

True Pradakshina

Adi Sankara has said, “Real pradakshina is the meditation that thousands of Universes are revolving around the Great Lord, the unmoving centre of all forms.”

The same idea is expressed in the Ribhu Gita:

"Oh Lord! I went all round the world to do pradakshina to you but you are in fullness everywhere. How then could I complete a round? I shall worship you as the immovable entire form of the world."

"The contemplation that I am the perfectly full, blissful Self
Is the scattering of the flowers I worship.
The contemplation that the Universe with its
myriad activities revolves round me
Constitutes the prescribed circumambulation.
The contemplation that all will ever bow to me,
And I shall never bow to anyone,
Ever constitutes the bow
To the great Linga of the Self."

[Ribhu Gita]

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