6 June 2009

The Importance of Peace

Sri Nannagaru is expected to visit Arunachala this coming week. He will be staying at his Ashram in Rajiv Gandhi Nagar, a mile west of Ramana Ashram. You can find out more about him by visiting his website at this link.

Sri Nannagaru who hails from Jinnuru, West Godvari District, Andhra Pradesh, attributes his realisation to the grace of Arunachala-Ramana when many years ago whilst staying at Arunachala he attained realisation.

Nowadays, Swamiji visits Arunachala about four times a year and is generally accompanied by many of his devotees from Andhra. This visit he is expected on the 11th and will stay approximately 7 days.

During his visits, he invariably spends time at Ramana Ashram and the below photograph is of a previous visit and depicts Swamiji with devotees in the Ramana Ashram meditation room (which is the room that Ramana lived in for many years).

The Importance of Peace

"Peace is essential. Peace is above power, peace is above money – peace is above anything related to the world. All the luxuries and advantages that can be acquired in the world are not equal to the grace of peace.

It is essential, not only to everybody, to every religion, to every part of the world – but to all humanity. Without peace one is not able to progress in any aspect of life. For the ease of the body, one requires comfort, but the mind’s requirement for ease – is peace. If an individual doesn’t have peace, he will experience unrest and disturbance.

Peace and happiness of the individual also contributes to a peaceful society. Without peace there is waste of money and energy. If you wish to progress in any field whether; spiritual, educational, or commercial you must have peace as the basis. Without peace one is not able to grow in one’s spiritual life – peace is above all that can be acquired in the material world.

If you want peace you have to come out of ignorance. If you want peace you have to come out of wrong identification. If you want peace you have to come out of wrong thinking. If you want peace you have to come out of wrong habits. If you want peace you have to come out of wrong behaviour. One cannot buy peace in the market, one has to grow peace in the heart and to experience it in the mind."

[Sri Nannagaru]


RichardArunachala said...

Great photo of Sri Nannagaru!

Anonymous said...

For Buddha peace comes at the end, In the Krishna way peace comes in the beginning because he preaches Arjuna to surrender totally to him - Osho.
A seeker has to test his or her adaptability for both ways. If he seeks the Buddha way he will have a to-do list like Guruji says, if he is willing to offer his head partially in the beginning and totally in sequence to a True Sadguru his peace is guaranteed. Such a Sadguru need be in the Body.

A Self-realized man ends his own journey of ignorance while a real Sadguru is an embodiment of Universal Mind in a Body everything in the Universe is Transparent to him.
A Self-realized man can guide others but he cannot push them forcefully unlike a Sadguru.
A Vivekananda or Annamalai Swami or Ganapati Muni's enlightenment is attributed more to the External Push and the internal pull.
The benediction these days is to find such a Sadguru in a deceptive market.
Om Shanti Shanti!

ArunachalaHeart said...

He told me one day 'Peace has nothing to do with body conciousness.'