2 August 2009

22 July Eclipse

The below photographs chart the progress of the July 22 Solar Eclipse. The photographs were taken by a professional photograph from the vantage point of outside the Virupaksha Cave on Arunachala.

In the upcoming Arunachala Grace Newsletter there will be a narrative on various mythologies concerning an Eclipse. If you are not yet a subscriber to the free Newsletter, please visit the subscribe facility at the left hand column of this page to ensure receiving the bi-monthly Newsletter on Arunachala direct to your email inbox.


prakasam kannan said...

Wow! what a beautiful pictures.can you please tell who took these fantastic photos?

Meenakshi Ammal said...

The photos were taken by a professional photographer local to this area named Sethu. He told me that he prepared for the shot by hiking up early to Virupaksha Cave area and worked out the best place to set up his tripod and equipment. Yes, the snaps turned out very well.