5 August 2009

"I Am Still In Shock"

I made an earlier posting of Mooku Podi Swami, at the time he was spending the days and nights mostly at the (old) Deepam Hotel on Car Street. For quite sometime now Swamiji has vacated that spot and is currently spending time at different places around Arunachala.

Subsequently I received a narrative from a reader of Arunachala Grace, briefly telling of her experience with this Appa. The story was posted at this link here.

I now post below the story of a reader, received today, who wishes to remain anonymous, outlining their own experience with this reclusive Swamiji:

"I am still in shock, I met Appa Swami yesterday and again today.

After reading the story on your blogsite, I wanted to meet Appa very badly. I came from North America to meet him but no one knew who he was. Then I showed them the photo that Meenakshi Ammal so graciously gave me to show all the auto drivers. Then, walla, everyone knew him, but no one knew where he was presently. So I was resigned to the fact that I didn’t have the karma to see him.

I was walking along on a hot day with no more hopes of meeting Appa when on a whim I asked an auto driver and he said he saw him in the morning in a temple nearby. He had ridden twice in his auto around the Arunachala mountain - of course anti-clockwise.

I jumped in and asked him to take me to the temple. Appa wasn't there but one good samaritan said he was in the school some distance away. BUT I could not go in. My North American arrogance took over and I said, "Well, watch me".

I walked into the school, introduced myself to the headmaster who graciously invited me to his office where Appa was sitting on the ground as though he was waiting for me. He had a shy smile on his face. I folded my hands and prayed to him about my problems. He started saying something that I didn’t understand.

I asked the headmaster and the headmistress who had joined us by then, what he was saying and they said that they had no idea who he was. Just that he had walked in that morning and a policeman who was with him asked the headmaster to treat him well. If Appa had chosen to come to the school, then good things must happen in the school.

Moments before I arrived, Appa had ordered for himself lunch from some far off Temple. The headmaster had sent someone to get it. The headmaster kept saying "Who is he?" I told him to read about him on the internet and gave him the details. I then pulled out the picture that Meenakshi Mammi had given me and showed it to Appa saying. "Appa you are famous. You are on the internet and the whole world knows about you." Appa took a keen interest in what I was pulling out from my bag, looked intensely at the photo, realized it was him and then looked shyly but a little proudly out the window. Then he returned to staring at the floor ahead of him with his awareness inside of him.

Appa started gesticulating more and saying a few more things. I was trying to understand what Appa was telling me. It was obvious he was talking to me because he was repeating the same thing over and over again. Then I changed my question and Appa again responded as though he was angry with the people who were causing me so much pain. He didn’t make much eye contact the whole time, but it was obvious that Appa was tuned into me and very sad and angry at my plight and it was obvious he would help me. I started repeating the mantra and Appa seemed very happy and put up both his hands to bless me.

In the meanwhile the Headmaster and Headmistress had no idea so much was transpiring between Appa and I. The Headmaster stood up to open his almirah and take out some toffee when Appa's attention turned to him and the plastic envelope that the headmaster was opening. Appa seemed so keen to get a toffee. The Headmaster offered him one and Appa took it very gladly. I offered him one but Appa refused. I thought maybe because I had not taken off my shoes. But no. The Headmistress tried. She took off her chappals, opened the toffee wrapping and offered it to Appa with a lot of love and he refused again. That made me feel better. In the meanwhile, Appa put the toffee the headmaster gave him behind his ears.

The Headmaster and Headmistress left the room. I sat for while with Appa feeling blessed he will take care of my problems... I didn’t want to leave him but then he suddenly got up and went to the room next door. I was scared because he had two pieces of stick with him that he used when people annoyed him. I thought maybe I had annoyed him... but no, he was indicating to me that the meeting was over and I could go... I didn’t get the message so I followed him to the neighbouring room.

Appa took a u-turn and walked back to the Headmaster's office and waved his hand signalling to me to leave in a very loving way. I bowed my head and asked for his blessings. He nodded and signalled me to leave.. I offered him the toffee again and he waved his hand wildly asking me to go. I did so happy to have been chosen to meet Appa.

I got back in the auto and was about to give the toffee to the auto driver when a voice inside me said that it was Appa's gift to me. Elated I ate it. Appa's energy is now within me. I asked the auto driver what came of the two times Appa rode in his auto. The auto driver said he owned his own auto then but was also in a lot of debt. Since the rides, he has sold his auto and is completely out of debt. He is now carefree renting his latest auto deciding what to do next. I gave the auto driver twice the amount he asked for the ride. It is money I would have given Appa if he would have taken it. I figured Appa was using me to pay the auto driver for the rides he took. I feel happy about it.

This morning I went on girivalam. Today being full moon day. I walked by the school wondering if the Headmaster had left his office open for Appa to sleep. The Headmaster's office was closed but I saw Appa pacing the floor outside. He had bathed and worn a fresh zari dhoti and looked luminous to me. I called out his name and he looked. I folded my hands above my head in namaskar so Appa could see it over and above the gate. Then the same shy smile came on his face and he looked away and stood more at a spot where I could see him clearly. I bowed and went on my girivalam.

I feel in such peace. I know I am taken care of. Thank you Appa. Thank you Meenakshi Ammal for this blogsite and thank you to the lady who wrote the first experience with him.”

With love and regards,


Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that this Swamiji is Divine but people from outside should exercise Caution in looking for lesser known Swamis because they can use their anonymity for Guise.
I visited Skandhashram a week back and there one Samiyar was coercing people to give him money. I am quite okay with giving something for his meal and i suddenly felt enticed to test his State of Mind and with naive ignorance I asked him that I would like to Stay on the hill overnight and if he can guide me. He fell for it and projected some fables and cooked up some rituals for his Survival.
I have nothing against them but just felt the need to warn about being Cautious.
Not all Swamis are Divine and not all have Noble intentions!

Meenakshi Ammal said...

The Swami the person is referring to (i.e. Mottayan Swamiji - Appa) has been well known to the Tiruvannamalai community for MANY years.

As well as being well known he is also highly revered as some sort of avadhuta -- as was Sri Seshadri Swamigal in his day. He is no 'johnny come lately,' or bogus Swami looking for a handout.

In this respect I recall one of his followers telling me the story of presenting Swamiji with a hugely expensive exquisite shawl whereupon Swami shouted at him and gave the shawl to a beggar.

In his day Yogi Ramsuratkumar lived as a mendicant on the streets of Tiruvannamalai and it was only certain ones, that where able to intuit something of his grandeur and scope.

In conclusion I always recall what Sri Ramana said that at any one time there are many Rishis moving around Arunachala in disguise. Who knows that beggar coming up for alms might be . . . .

Anonymous said...

Arunachala has a heritage of great Saints yet new comers to the Town can exercise Caution and make wise use of Local Knowledge. That was my POV.
It has nothing to do about the Divinity of Appa and other real Swamis.

Anonymous said...

I too had a darshan of the Swamy on 21st August. He was staying at the high school on the girivalam road at the back of the mountain. I believe he is also called mookupodi samiyar (mookupodi-snuff). Well, it goes like this: My mother wanted to do girivalam in auto. So I, my wife and my mother hired an auto outside Ramanasaramam and were going around it when my mother asked the auto driver about the whereabouts of the swamy. He said the swamy is staying in the school which is on the girivalam route and promised to take us there. We were all excited. When we reached the school, the guard said that the swamy had just left and pointed out the direction. The swamy was just 50 away. So the auto driver took us near him. Then the strangest thing happened. The swamy started shouting at us even before we got out of the auto. We were so scared we asked to auto driver to immediately vacate the place.

I cannot make any sense of this incident. Were we not spiritually mature enough to have darshan of swamy? Or did he infact benefit us spiritually in his own mysterious way, just like Seshadri Swamigal? Maybe, he is not the one to take some karma load off us. I really dont know.