11 September 2009

Siva Consciousness

I send my best wishes to the readers of Arunachala Grace.In response to kind enquiries expressing concern over my long silence, everything with me is excellent and admit that my absence from posting was due only to my taking a short break.

The previous two postings concerning Mooku Podi Swami were written by someone (who wishes to remain anonymous) I met during their recent visit to Tiruvannamalai. The person, from overseas, was on their first visit to Arunachala and had learnt about Arunachala from Websites and Blogs (such as Arunachala Grace). And it was this that had inspired them with an intense wish to come and spend time at this place. While here this person made the following fascinating remark, ‘Even though it was because of Blogs such as Arunachala Grace that I came. NOTHING that I read prepared me for the silence of this place.’

Sri Ramana Maharshi, one of the most respected advocates of the power of this Hill, would often tell devotees that he wasn’t being figurative when he talked of Arunachala as being the most powerful place on earth – that when he spoke of its power and of its being the spiritual heart of the World, he meant it literally.

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Several relatives of mine, who have little interest in spiritual or religious matters, came to Tiruvannamalai recently with the intention of spending several days with me. During their visit, I took my relatives on tours and expeditions. One day I told them the fascinating story of the Saint Kannappa Nayanar and took them to visit the beautiful forest Temple located off the Girivalam Roadway. It was at this place that my cousin found a perch at the back of the Temple, and sat facing towards Arunachala. She was enchanted. Afterwards she said, ‘I’ve come all this way to find a secret quiet place all for myself.’

From my own experience I know Arunachala is the most powerful place on earth. I know that it is here that energy is manifested at its highest vibrational levels. That if you sit outside the Siva Sannidhi at Arunachaleswarar Temple and look up at the Hill, that the power is so immense that Arunachala appears shimmering and translucent.

From my own understanding all is Arunachala using people and situations to bring home its own. It doesn’t matter what brings you – all that matters is that you are here available to receive the grace of Arunachala.

What I say is not to be trusted because I am completely biased in all my opinions regarding Arunachala. There is no place on earth to equal it. It is here that we can experience the core of our own being. It is here that the silence is so huge that it envelops one in its power. It is a place that removes the worries from one’s heart and mind. And when one is quiet, the great glory of the Hill envelops you in its loving embrace and satisfies in ways you could never have imagined possible.

All this is our reality. It is not reserved for saints like Sri Ramana Maharshi and Seshadri Swamigal. All these great beings came as supplicants, as devotees, as beggars before the grace and glory of Arunachala. As is our capacity we too can be satisfied by this great, glorious manifestation of Shiva consciousness.


Grasshopper said...

Beautiful post, this. I agree, I agree, I agree.

prakasam kannan said...

Very True.

Padmaa Parthasarathy said...

Vibrations? The place is full of vibrations! And unmistakably so....it hardly takes any effort to slip into a meditative state near Arunachala.

On our recent and first visit to Arunachala....as our car was approaching the town of Tiruvannamalai, I had my first darshan of the Holy Mountain from a distance (did not even know it was Arunachala Hill, but there was a certain majesty to it). I knew it had to be what I was longing for...

After staring at what was in front of me for a while, I started to utter, "This is Arunachala Hill....it is all fire, it is all fire...so much fire energy....do you feel it too?" (to my husband).

Actually, as a Feng Shui consultant, to me mountains are Earth energy....yet I 'felt' fire in Arunachala.

I purchased a book at the Big Temple to know more about the holy place...and after returning home, I learnt that Arunachala and the Shivling at the Big Temple are Jyotirlingams.

Arunachala speaks....and we hear so effortlessly. Those of us who've been called to It are definitely blessed!

Great blog!

Love and light,

Santosh said...

Hello, I have been visiting Thiruvannamalai with my family frequently in the last one year, and each time we visit, we are drawn to the place, the temple and sonachala with greater and greater force. I am also in complete agreement. In our last visit we also did a girivalam (our first) - to say that it was an incredibly humbling, awe-inspiring and moving experience is still not doing justice to what we felt on that early morning.

We love the blog you have dedicated to the Great Lord - a great service indeed.
We have just started a blog on wordpress ourselves http://theholyarunachala.wordpress.com/. Please visit the blog and let us know what you think.

Om Arunachaleshwaraya Namaha

Vaishnavi & Santosh